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Bush Hill Park Medical Centre
25 Melbourne Way, Bush Hill Park, Enfield, EN1 1XG
Tel : 020 8366 5858

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Morning Appointments


All morning appointments are only bookable on the day.  You can book an appointment by either calling the Practice from 8:00am or by attending in person up to 11:15am provided there are still appointments avaliable.



Afternoon/Evening Appointments


Afternoon and evening appointments can be booked in advance in person at the Practice, via the telephone or on-line.


On Monday afternoons and evenings, only six appointments can be booked in advance.  The remaining appointments are then only released on the day from 8:00am and can be booked either via the telephone or by attending the Practice and requesting in person. 



On-line Appointment Booking

You can now book for an appointment on-line by logging into Patient Access services with the use of your own security password.  Please enquire at the Reception desk on how to register. 


Emergency Appointments


If you have an urgent medical problem that you feel must be seen the same day and there are no further appointments available then you can request for the Receptionists to ask the Doctor if an emergency appointment can be given.


To help the Doctor decide if an emergency appointment is appropriate, the Reception may ask you as to what the urgent medical problem is.  However if you do not feel comfortable sharing your reason for the emergency appointment with the Receptionists then you can inform them that the problem is private and you prefer to only discuss this with the Doctor. 


We advise that you only request for emergency appointments wisely as the Doctors will not tolerate patients who abuse the system for their own convenience.


Alternatively you can also book an appointment with a GP at one of the Enfield Primary Care Access Hubs which can offer evening and weekend appointments.  Further details can be found in our Out of Hours section on this website or via this link.



Keeping Evening Appointments / Failure to attend (Did Not Attend - DNA)


A patient failing to keep an evening appointment on 3 occasions without prior notice will only be allowed to attend AM surgery in the future or as an emergency.  This is non-negotiable!


If you deprive other patients of appointments by booking appointment but do not attend, you will ultimately deprive yourself of making future appointments.  



Cancelling Appointment


If you no longer require your booked appointment or are unable to attend then please phone the Practice and inform us no later than 1 hour prior to your appointment.


If you had booked your appointment on-line you can also cancel it via your account. 



Late Attendance For Appointments


If you are running late for your booked appointment then please contact the Practice as soon as possible via the telephone to inform them of your situation.  Every attempt will then be made to still see you by the Doctor but you may have to wait till after the patients that have arrived before you are seen first.


If you are late for your appointment and you had not informed the Practice beforehand then it will be up to the individual Doctor's discretion as to whether they are still able to see you the same day.  You may be advised that you will need to rebook your appointment for an another day instead.



Clinic Running Times


Please note that every attempt will be made for you to be seen on time for your booked 10 minute appointment.  However not all medical problems can be fully dealt with by the Doctors within 10 minutes and as we prefer to give all patients as much time as they need, it does mean unfortunately that our clinics may run late.  We apologise in advance for any inconvenience this may cause and kindly request your patience should this happen.



Telephone Consultations


If you have a medical problem that you do not feel you need to see the Doctor for then you can request for the Receptionist to book for a telephone consultation instead.  The Doctor will then call you after their clinic has finished which can either be mid-afternoon or late in the evening.



Home Visits

For our fully housebound patients we can offer a home visit should you require medical attention.  Please contact the Practice preferably before 10:00am with your request.  The Doctor will then telephone you after clinic has finished to obtain further details before deciding if a home visit by a GP is required.



Be Considerate (Your Responsibilities to the Practice)

  • Please do not eat or drink on the premises
  • Mobile telephones should be on silent, if you need to answer your call please take your call outside so as to not disturb other patients
  • Please replace books and toys neatly after use
  • Prams and trolleys to be parked at covered area at the rear entrance to reduce fire hazard.  Locks can be requested from Reception for your use.
  • Zero tolerance to any bad behaviour
  • Anyone with abusive language/behaviour will be asked to leave the Practice permanently
  • No dogs allowed apart from guide dogs


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