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Bush Hill Park Medical Centre
25 Melbourne Way, Bush Hill Park, Enfield, EN1 1XG
Tel : 020 8366 5858

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New Patients


If you live within our practice area you are welcome to register with us and our reception staff will be happy to guide you through the procedure.


Eligibility can be quickly confirmed from your address so please provide proof by way of a recent utility bill. We also require one form of photographic ID.


You will need to complete a registration form (GMS1) and a Health Questionaire which will provide useful information whilst we wait for your medical records to arrive from your previous doctor.


All new patients are offered a health check with a member of the healthcare team to ensure that any required tests are up to date and that we have an accurate note of any repeat medication you may be taking.


Medical treatment is available from the date of registration. Please contact reception for further information.



Register a Carer

It is important that we know if you are a carer so that we can make sure you receive information, services and the help that is available. If you are a carer please complete this form.



Temporary Registration

If you are ill while away from home or if you are not registered with a doctor but need to see one you can receive emergency treatment from the local GP practice for 14 days.


After 14 days you will need to register as a temporary or permanent patient.

You can be registered as a temporary patient for up to three months. This will allow you to be on the local practice list and still remain a patient of your permanent GP. After three months you will have to re-register as a temporary patient or permanently register with that practice.

To register as a temporary patient simply contact the local practice you wish to use. Practices do not have to accept you as a temporary patient although they do have an obligation to offer emergency treatment. You cannot register as a temporary patient at a practice in the town or area where you are already registered.


Be Considerate (Your Responsibilities)


  • Please do not eat or drink on the premises
  • Mobile phones should be in silent mode.  Please answer your calls outside the surgery in order not to disturb others.
  • Please replace books and toys neatly after use for the convenience of others
  • Prams and trolleys to be parked at the covered rear entrance to avoid increased risk of fire hazard otherwise
  • No dogs allowed except for guide dogs
  • Do make more than one appointment if more than one patient needs to be seen when you come in to the surgery.
  • Please request out of hours services only for EMERGENCIES.
  • Please request home visit only for those that are TOO ILL to come to the surgery.
  • Read the notices posted in the surgery.


Zero tolerance to any violence or bad behaviour

Anyone with abusive language or threatening deeds will be asked to leave the surgery permanently




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